Jemtex was founded in 1995, with the purpose of applying an innovative digital printing technology to industrial printing applications, in order to create new
business opportunities. The company has developed a proprietary Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology that introduces robust and cost-effective digital production systems to industrial markets, and currently focuses on carpet tile, ceramic tile and terry cloth (towel) printing. Jemtex's patented core technology provides a premier solution for delivering on the industry's strict requirements for productivity and reliability, while providing distinct advantages such as cost-effective short runs, customization and environmental benefits.
The company aims to become the leading provider of customized inkjet printing systems for industrial markets.

Jemtex is backed by Microdent - a company owned by Mr. Eitan Wertheimer. Jemtex's headquarters are located in a spacious facility in Lod, Israel, where top scientists and engineers work to create industrial printers.

Global alliances
Jemtex is building alliances with leading print houses, ink suppliers and OEMs throughout Europe, the US and the Far East, introducing digital printing systems with advanced feature-rich core printing technology. Current collaborations include:
-  Marketing collaboration with a leading equipment  manufacturer for the ceramic tile market in Italy regarding our Gema
line of ceramic tile printing systems.
-  A joint project with one of the largest carpet tile manufacturers in the world in the carpet tile printing market.

Jemtex Print Engine
Vital benefits to industrial markets:
High productivity through increased system throughput

Economically viable short run capabilities

Patented ceramic nozzles supporting a virtually unlimited variety of inks

Minimal number of nozzles for maximum area coverage - large format,
  reliability and robustness

Reduced total cost of ownership

Smooth operation in adverse industrial environments

Modular construction

Extended system longevity

Founded in 1995

Developers of proprietary
Continuous Inkjet

Ceramic tile digital printing

Carpet tile digital printing

Terry cloth (towel) digital
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