Combining their collective expertise and ingenuity with a drive for
innovation and excellence, Jemtex scientists and engineers

comprise one of the leading inkjet R&D teams in the world and continuously
push the limits of technology to meet market demands.

The proprietary Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology developed by the company incorporates innovations in nozzle design, multi-level drop deflection and assignment, multi-nozzle head design, and on-line multi-jet calibration and control. These innovations enable the first viable digital printing solution for industrial applications.

Jemtex print engines are robust, modular, highly reliable and easy to assemble and maintain, assuring cost-effectiveness and trouble-free operation with high viscosity inks and high colorant concentrations.

The patented Jemtex nozzles are designed to operate smoothly within a broad range of performance conditions for various resolutions and print speeds.
With the multi-level deflection technique, drops deflected from a single nozzle are used to print many pixels, enabling a substantial reduction in the number of nozzles required to cover a fixed area at a given printing rate. This revolutionary approach leads to a dramatic increase in both reliability and throughput.

Another integral component of the Jemtex print head is the patented Visual Process Control (VPC) Unit. This diligent lookout is a CCD video-based imaging system, which captures the jet and drop behavior for each nozzle in the head. Correcting and adjusting where necessary, it provides automatic calibration and on-line process control throughout the printing procedure.

Ink system development
All Jemtex inks are Green - environmentally friendly - water based inks.
Jemtex has forged strategic alliances with several leading ink companies in the development and refinement of inks that are best suited for use in the Company's proprietary and innovative print heads. These collaborative, co-development endeavors involve the specifying, testing and approving of inks for use across all the current and future industrial printing applications for which the Jemtex engine is suitable. Verification and approval of ink development is conducted in Jemtex' own laboratories.

Ink development represents an important component of our continuing R&D efforts and provides Jemtex and its partners with a lucrative opportunity to generate significant income from the sale of these special inks by ink suppliers.

Currently Jemtex systems are capable of printing with a large range of ink types developed by OEM ink manufactures and certified by Jemtex. These include soluble salt, pigment, dye based, and colloidal inks.

First genuine digital
printing solution for
industrial applications

Robust, modular print engines

Includes patented nozzles,
multi-level deflection
technique, CCD
video-based imaging system
for automatic calibration and
on-line process control

Trouble-free operation with
high viscosity inks & high
colorant concentrations

Increased reliability and

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